Episode 65: Hallie Ephron

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By her own admission Hallie Ephron was late to the family business of writing, but mystery fans will agree that the wait was worth it   From her first five novels, co-written with Donald Davidoff as G.H. Ephron, and her non-fiction works, to her standalone mysteries, the most recent of which is Night Night, Sleep Tight,… Read more »

Upcoming Interviews: Hallie Ephron, Arthur Kerns, Matthew Guinn and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

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September 2015 is shaping up to be another great month of interviews for Speaking of Mysteries   Hallie Ephron, will talk about her latest novel, Night Night, Sleep Tight, which is a crackerjack mystery that’s been called both “a satire and a celebration of Hollywood” Former FBI Agent and consultant to the CIA, Arthur Kerns, talks about his… Read more »

Episode 64: Belinda Bauer

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In Rubbernecker, Belinda Bauer’s award-winning crime fiction novel, an anatomy student with Asperger’s Syndrome suspects that the cadaver he’s dissecting is the victim of murder. The problem is convincing the authorities before the evidence has been whittled away into bits and then cremated     Photo of Belinda Bauer ©Johnny Ring

Episode 63: Bill Syken

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Are you ready for some football? Good. Because just in time for the 2015 NFL pre-season, comes Bill Syken’s debut mystery, Hangman’s Game, about punter Nick Gallow     But you don’t have to be a football fan, or know much about the game, to appreciate the story—as well as the dark humor—of Hangman’s Game.  Photo of Bill… Read more »

Episode 62: Kelli Stanley

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San Francisco’s first lady of Noir has her own tales of the City, including her most recent Miranda Corbie novel, City of Ghosts     Kelli’s Noir cred goes beyond San Francisco of 1940, her other series, which features Arcturus, a physician of Roman Britain, began with Nox Dormienda, a nod to Raymond Chandler.  

Episode 61: Martin Walker

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The past and the present collide in The Patriarch, Martin Walker’s new Bruno, Chief of Police mystery, when a suspicious death follows the 90th birthday celebration of World War II flying ace Marco Desaix, one of France’s national icons—and a boyhood hero of Bruno’s     Photo of Martin Walker ©Klaus Einwanger

Episode 60: Tom Bouman

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In Dry Bones in the Valley, a body is found in the spring thaw and another murder occurs not long after in the small town of Wild Thyme in rural Pennsylvania   Tom Bouman’s protagonist, Henry Farrell—who has returned to the town to heal after a devastating loss of his own—needs to determine if the crimes relate to an… Read more »

Episode 59: Vu Tran

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Set in Las Vegas, the highly atmospheric, deeply noir Dragonfish, Vu Tran’s first mystery novel, takes its name from the Asian arowana, an endangered fish that’s supposed to bring good luck and keep evil away. But in the story of the intertwining lives of Robert, the Oakland cop, Suzy, his Vietnamese wife and Sonny, the Vietnamese gangster who… Read more »

Episode 58: Otto Penzler

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According to Otto Penzler, the dean of the mystery fiction genre, a short story anthology is like going to a party: you’ll see some familiar names and have the opportunity to meet new ones

Episode 57: Ace Atkins

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In The Redeemers, Ace Atkins’ newest crime novel, it’s the holidays and the about-to-be-ex Sheriff Quinn Colson encounters evil deeds and profound stupidity—and sometimes it’s hard to tell which is the more dangerous     Ace also talks about writing for Garden & Gun, the award-winning magazine that covers the best of the South, including his essay… Read more »