Upcoming Interviews: Denise Hamilton, David Joy, C.J. Box, Julia Dahl and Owen Laukkanen

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The next few weeks are an embarrassment of riches for lovers of fiction in general and crime fiction in particular. February 23, 2015 we chat with Denise Hamilton about her short story in In the Company of Sherlock Holmes, editing both volumes of Los Angeles Noir and perfume. March 2, 2015 David Joy talks about Where All… Read more »

Episode 39: Jo Perry

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In Dead Is Better, murder victim Charlie Stone’s confusion is mitigated by Rose, his new-found afterlife canine companion   Dead Is Better is available in e-book and in print.

Episode 38: M.O. Walsh

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In My Sunshine Away, M.O. Walsh’s debut novel, the story revolves around what happens in the aftermath of a brutal crime rather than the search for a solution     Photo of M.O. Walsh ©Sam Gregory Photography             Click on thumbnail above to see the schedule for M.O. Walsh’s appearances.

Episode 37: Michael Kardos

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Before He Finds Her features the well-cultivated “creep factor” that every psychological suspense novel needs   Ramsey Miller’s plan to have a block party for the end of the world sounded like a good one, at least to him. Until his wife and—at least everyone thought—his daughter were murdered. Except his daughter survived and has… Read more »

Episode 36: Sophie Hannah

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Justice, poetic and otherwise, is one of the things being sought in The Carrier, the most recent addition to Sophie Hannah’s Zailer and Waterhouse series of crime novels   Sophie Hannah, a self-described “structure freak,” talks about the common ground shared by poetry and crime fiction, an event that happened to her that inspired part… Read more »

Episode 35: Ned Beauman

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What could possibly go wrong when Raf—who happens to suffer from a circadian rhythm disorder—the world of pirate radio and the drug-infused world of dance raves in South London find themselves caught in the crossfire between an unscrupulous mining company and a cadre of Burmese revolutionaries? In Glow, lots.     Ned thoughtfully provided an… Read more »

Episode 34: Thomas Perry

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Jane Whitefield is back in A String of Beads, the latest installment in the Edgar Award winning author’s series about the woman who helps people disappear   Find out more about Tom and his novels at his website. Photo of Thomas Perry ©Jo Perry

Episode 33: Christopher Fowler

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A special Christmas edition with the author of Bryant & May and the Bleeding Heart, the most recent addition to the unique series of procedurals   Photo of Christopher Fowler © En Route Photography    

Episode 32: Val McDermid

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The hunt for the identity of the skeleton of the title of The Skeleton Road, Val McDermid’s newest stand-alone novel, takes readers through both time and geography: from the ruins of a Victorian building in Edinburgh and Radcliffe Camera in Oxford to Zagreb, Croatia; from a contemporary United Kingdom to the bloody Balkan war of… Read more »