Episode 25: Margaux Froley

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The Anthony Award-nominated YA writer talks about Hero Complex, the second novel in the Keaton School series.     Margaux’s main character, Devon Mackintosh, is a fish out of water at her boarding school, which gives her a unique perspective. Pretty handy when you’re trying to get to the bottom of a mysterious death school… Read more »

Author Reading 1: Robert Olen Butler

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What better way to celebrate the publication day of The Empire of Night than listening to the author read chapter one!                         Signed first edition copies of The Empire of Night are available from MYSTERIOUS BOOKSHOP

Episode 24: Robert Olen Butler

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In The Empire of Night, we pick up the story of Christopher Marlowe Cobb, who survived the sinking of the Lusitania, as he hunts down German sympathizers in the British aristocracy during the early months of World War One.     The idea of Christoper “Kit” Cobb, grew out of “The One in White,” a… Read more »

A Spy and His Mother in the War to End All Wars: Speaking to Robert Olen Butler

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Having survived the sinking of the Lusitania, American Secret Agent Christopher Marlowe Cobb returns in The Empire of Night. For this mission, Kit must find a German mole in the British aristocracy and for this he has help—from his mother, Isabel Cobb, one of the world’s most famous stage actresses. Look for our interview with… Read more »

Episode 23: James R. Benn

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Billy Boyle is back in The Rest Is Silence, the ninth installment in the series of Billy Boyle World War II Mysteries.     James. R. Benn first book, On Desperate Ground, took place during World War II, but was not a mystery. But one of the story’s secondary characters, police detective Billy Boyle, stayed… Read more »

Episode 22: Laurie R. King

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The writer of the Mary Russell-Sherlock Holmes series of mysteries talks to Leslie Klinger and Nancie Clare about projects past, present and future.     Laurie talks about her next Mary Russell-Sherlock Holmes mystery, Dreaming Spies; the creative highs and lows of writing a series; Career Day, the stand alone thriller scheduled for publication in… Read more »

Episode 21: Matt Cook

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In Sabotage, Matt Cook’s first thriller, a luxury cruise ship in the North Atlantic is paralyzed by an electromagnetic pulse, an enigmatic Stanford professor and founder of a high tech defense company disappears and a group of Stanford students of a variety of disciplines are the only ones who can save both—and the world—from Viking… Read more »

Episode 20: Nick Harkaway

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The 2012 Kitschie Award Winner for Angelmaker, talks about his latest novel, Tigerman. Among many, many other things.     As soon as the interview was over, I was madly Googling to bookmark as many of Nick Harkaway’s references as I could. In our conversation about the designation “literary thriller,” he discussed the stories of… Read more »