Episode 77: Joe R. Lansdale

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Swamp Noir at its finest: Hap and Leonard, perhaps the world of PI’s most unique partnership, are back in Honky Tonk Samurai   And because there really can’t be enough Hap and Leonard in the world, Joe tells us more about the upcoming Hap and Leonard, starring James Purefoy, Michael Kenneth Williams and Christina Hendricks, on Sundance Channel.  … Read more »

Episode 76: Denise Mina

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Police Scotland’s DCI Alex Morrow is back in Blood Salt Water investigating two murders that may—or may not—be connected         The title of the book is inspired by a quote of President John F. Kennedy and for Denise it speaks to the connectivity of lives, circumstances and geography.

Episode 75: Joe Clifford

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Lamentation, Joe Clifford’s debut crime fiction novel—and first in a series—explores the region where family, addition, secrets and small town sensibilities intersect  

Episode 74: Robert Crais

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World’s Greatest Detective Elvis Cole may be driving The Promise, but fans will appreciate that Joe Pike, Jon Stone and the team of Scott James and Maggie the LAPD K-9 are worthy co-pilots to the story     Check out the schedule for Robert Crais book tour.

Episode 73: J.S. Law

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When it comes to elements of a locked-room mystery, there isn’t any location much more atmospheric—or claustrophobic—than a submarine. A setting James Law uses to great advantage in his debut crime fiction novel, Tenacity     Law knows of what he writes. He’s a former senior nuclear engineer in the Royal Navy Submarine Service. In… Read more »

Episode 72: Bonnie MacBird

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According to Les Klinger, co-creator of Speaking of Mysteries, Bonnie MacBird’s Sherlock Holmes adventure, Art in the Blood, “has the three key ingredients for a delicious pastiche: Meticulous research, plausibility and grand fun!”   Photo of Bonnie MacBird ©Ray Bengston

Episode 71: Sarah Weinman

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As if fans didn’t already know, there’s really nothing darker than the distaff side of crime fiction. One look at the choice of novels included in Women Crime Writer’s: Eight Suspense Novels of the 1940s & 50s and you’ll know there is no better guide to this harrowing region of the genre than Sarah Weinman   Photo of… Read more »

Death in Veracruz by Héctor Aguilar Camín

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In the early 1980’s, Mexican historian and journalist Héctor Aguilar Camín wrote his mystery novel about the intersection of oil, politics, money and corruption in Mexico. The translation by Chandler Thompson comes just as Mexico is about to privatize Pemex, the country’s national oil company, an event of historic proportions that goes to the very heart of Mexico’s modern… Read more »

Episode 70: John Katzenbach

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There’s revenge on both sides of the equation—the killer and those who are hunting him—in The Dead Student, John Katzenbach’s taut new thriller   Photo of John Katzenbach ©Nancy Doherty