Episode 155: H.B. Lyle

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Wiggins is back in The Red Ribbon, H.B. Lyle’s second installment of the continuing story of Sherlock Holmes’ Irregular-in-Chief’s career in Britain’s MI-5  

Episode 132: Andrew Grant

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In False Witness, Andrew Grant’s third installment of his Cooper Devereaux series, the bodies of young women wrapped up like birthday presents are being delivered across the city of Birmingham, Alabama, and Devereaux is in a race against the clock to prevent more murders     Photo of Andrew Grant ©Carrie Schechter

Episode 129: H.B. Lyle

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In H.B. Lyle’s novel The Irregular, fictional Wiggins—Irregular-in-Chief to Sherlock Holmes in the late 1880s—is recruited in 1909 as a spy by Vernon Kell, the real life founder of England’s domestic secret service, MI-5, to get to the root of German skullduggery and other evil goings on in and around London      

Episode 102: Hank Phillippi Ryan

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At the heart of Say No More, Hank Phillippi Ryan’s new crime fiction novel featuring TV investigative reporter Jane Ryland, is the question: Even though it may be the right thing to do, is speaking up always a good idea?   Les Klinger and Nancie Clare also talk to Hank about “The Adventure of the… Read more »

Episode 101: Joe Ide

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Isiah Quintabe, the protagonist in IQ, Joe Ide’s debut crime fiction novel, is a young man with Sherlockian skills from East Long Beach. The perfect man to find out who’s trying to kill Calvin Wright, the rapper known as “Black the Knife”  

Episode 94: Craig Johnson

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Walt Longmire, accompanied by Henry Standing Bear and both volumes of The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Short Stories, returns in An Obvious Fact to investigate a suspicious motorcycle accident    Craig talks about the differences he and Walt have when it comes to motorcycles, how the Longmire series is so popular in France that Craig and his wife travel to… Read more »

Episode 72: Bonnie MacBird

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According to Les Klinger, co-creator of Speaking of Mysteries, Bonnie MacBird’s Sherlock Holmes adventure, Art in the Blood, “has the three key ingredients for a delicious pastiche: Meticulous research, plausibility and grand fun!”   Photo of Bonnie MacBird ©Ray Bengston

Episode 40: Denise Hamilton

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The author of the Eve Diamond series of mysteries, editor of volumes one and two of Los Angeles Noir anthologies of short stories whose settings are in Southern California and contributor to In the Company of Sherlock Holmes anthology of short stories talks about mysteries, the dark side of sunny SoCal beaches and perfume  … Read more »

We Break for Bouchercon!

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When it comes to writers of mysteries and thrillers, Bouchercon is an embarrassment of riches   This week Speaking of Mysteries is stepping back from the microphone and traveling 35 miles or so south to Long Beach, CA to join fellow fans of the genre at Bouchercon 2014: Murder at the Beach. Which means that… Read more »